Over Here: The Yet-to-be Told Stories of the Men, Women and Children of Dutchess County During the World War 1917 to 1919

In one of the first exhibitions I created at DCHS, I created eleven 6-foot standing panels with a variable 12th that could be created specific to local needs (as was done in Beacon). Click on full view icon bottom right for best viewing. Band of Locals tells the story of Franklin Roosevelt as local historian which gave him pleasure to the end of his life, and the handful of local persons who he partnered with during that time, all of whom were founders of the Dutchess County Historical Society in 1914. ~ Bill Jeffway

FDR: Band of Locals

The story of Franklin Roosevelt’s lifelong passion for local history, and the handful of friends he trusted to be intimate collaborators. Onsite at the Wallace Welcome Center, FDR Presidential Library & Museum.