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Bookshelf of pre-1923 Online Reference Books

Shortlist of important books on history local to Milan, NY through Google

General History of Duchess [sic] County, From 1609 to 1876. PH. Smith, 1877

Newspaper Search

Fulton History Search

Fulton History Newspaper List

Fulton History Complete List By Individual Name XLS sheet

Genealogy Bank

NYS Historic Newspapers

New York Times TimesMachine

Library of Congress

Wikipedia List of All Online Newspapers


Vital Records

1800’s Dutchess County Maps

1829 Burr New York Public Library

1839 Burr New York Public Library

1850 Gillette Library of Congress

1858 Gillette Library of Congress

1867 Beers Rumsey Map Collection

1876 Gray New York Public Library

1895 Bien New York Public Library

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