The Receding Mystery of Chief Crow

A brief summary of the 1935 recasting of an African American burial site (resting place of Revolutionary War veteran Jacob Lyle, and others like Nancy Bradford, became known locally as “Nancy Crow Lot”) just after the Civil War)  into one that is Native American and the resting place of a fictional “Chief Crow.” This is my hypothesis, showing what I base the point of view on. We all need to be careful to claim we’ve found the “truth” of the past. Further complicating this, of course, is a good deal of mixed-race people, so broad conclusions have to have an asterisk.

The receding mystery of Chief Crow (23-minute video) ~ Bill Jeffway speaks at the Putnam History Museum, Garrison, NY on the gradual re-emergence of an African American burial ground in the small town of Milan in Northern Dutchess County.  Slides (only) related to “Receding mystery.

The receding mystery of Chief Crow (written summary).

The receding Mystery of Chief Crow (New York State History Blog).

If there are at least a dozen individuals buried there, chances are that there are mixed race individuals of every combination across white European, African American and Native American.  But I believe, based on census data, most individuals would be African American.  My effort to better understand mixed-race individuals and communities is on this page.

The 1935 NYS roadside marker as it reads today (top). A possibly more accurate, hypothetical articulation (bottom).

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