Beyond Red White and Black

This has not really begun, there is a lot of interesting work to be done here.

Investigation into Pre-Civil War identities based on race.

This is a rough working space where I would like to document the various references to integration, inter-marriage, relationships of White European, Native American and African American individuals and communities in pre-Civil War North America.  Our nations early census allowed for White, Free Colored, and Slave.  That was it.  Hardly adequate to capture all the potential variations, even when “Mulatto” was added.

There seemed a constant undercurrent of unease or debate as to whether persons of color should be brought into the Christian faith, would this been good in the eyes or God? Or lead to dangerous ideas such as equality?

Please share references for posting here, thank you.

“Some intermarriages among [German] Palatines and blacks appeared in the record and were sanctioned by the Dutch Reformed minister, but they were not tolerated in official society.”  The History of the Hudson River Valley, from Wilderness to the Civil War, Vernon Benjamin, Overlook Press, 2014.  p. 113.

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