The First Pledge of Allegiance in Milan

Sitzer Pledge final

October 12, 1892:
First recital of Pledge of Allegiance in Milan led by Clara Sitzer

The first time the Pledge of Allegiance was recited in Milan Schools (and in the nation) was on the first formally celebrated Columbus Day, the 400th anniversary of Columbus’ arrival in the New World, Oct. 12, 1892.

The Youth’s Companion instructions included President Benjamin Harrison’s proclamation. Specifically at the Rock City schoolhouse this was read by teacher Clara Sitzer, and was followed by the salute to the flag in the words to what we today known as the Pledge of Allegiance.

Clara Sitzer 1872–1897, grew up on what is today Milan Hollow Road, Milan, NY

Clara Sitzer calling card image courtesy the Schultz/Cookingham Family Collection, Alice Clarke Benson, Martin and Bill Clarke.

Clara Sitzers calling card
Clara Sitzers calling card