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Letter from Sylvester Graham to his brother December 26th, 1850

I am investigating the importance of this recently discovered letter from Sylvester Graham written the day after Christmas in 1850. He died September 11, 1951. It is a letter to his brother and contains a good deal of their family's genealogy.

It appears that it may be the first time he understands specifically the great age difference between their parents when married (their father was 54, their mother 27). He seems to suggest this might be the origins of some of his “peculiar psychological diathesis,” writing approximately “…the taint of this disease is as surely transmissible and hereditary as that of insanity or any other morbid affliction of our nature.” He goes on (approximately), “Studying constantly my own psychological exercises I have for months past entertained the query how for my father’s psychological affection for the beautiful young widow Smith was the originating clause of a peculiar psychological diathesis in me…”

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